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Let's open our eyes and see beyond the man made borders of this nation
Let's not depend on government to help 3rd world devastation
In our own backyard we've got the Pine Ridge Reservation
Souls lost souls forgotten
Have you seen it? We need to clean it
We made a mess from east to west put the people to the test
Time to give their hearts a rest let them know they deserve the best

We are one world one nation one people divine creation

Humanity Equality Destiny Integrity
We all deserve the right to be comfortable and worry free
To raise our kids and watch them grow
Maintain a sense of sanity trust our own ability
In spite of political vanity
How 'bout the right to pray our own way
No matter if we're straight or gay
Mother Earth wants you to know
We're all part of this here show

We are
One world
One people
One nation
Divine creation

Help your brother Love your mother
How's your sister? Have you seen her?
Reach out give dad a chance
After all he's just a man
We must first heal from within
Before our lives can really begin
In unity we will find our power
With all our love we will shower those in need
Oh yeah we're done with greed
Let's plant the seeds for future generations
And as a people as a nation
We will finally see true divination
As one world one people one nation divine creation

One world
One people
One nation
Divine creation

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